Friday, February 28, 2014

How do you put things in the right order?

That it is important to capture the bigger picture to seize the different activities to bestow what man has wrecked and is trying to fix simultaneously. Yet an accompanying attention must also enumerate the inclusive extent that comes from the confines of your particular business in order to set you to take the motion. Howbeit that the distinction above is apparently noticeable in both its spheres, the framework of carrying it out is one and the same.

I. So while green growth in a detached sense is its attempt by make everyone yield to it, which is to
    prevent, to react, to conserve. Green growth in your case is your responsibility to take active
    involvement within your own confines to lessen the adverse impact of your business from their
  1. Source level
  2. Substitute harmful substance from the production processes
  3. Efficient use of raw materials, water and energy by reducing, reusing and recycling, in order to slow down the production of waste.
II.By the same token of the green growth imperative, businessman’s awareness of “consumers
    prerogative” or “free choice” is not to flare-up competition because of the struggle over a limited
    benefit or gain and then following a clash for survival amongst producers – but a more upbeat
    service to both its patrons as well as to the rest of the other participants to allow a thorough
    utilization of every possible resource available and thus be on the side of a sustainable growth to
    one’s business as well as a sustainable growth of others. So depending on your mental state or
    what mindset you want to carry along from now on, either the:

           a)Stiffening competition and rivalry derived from a dwindling substance or
           b)Efficiency and resourcefulness to the vast resources that is readily available

    This will be the measure of the future of your business in terms of a sustainable growth that is
    ecologically balance, meaning not wasteful and cost-effective.

Hence, these 2 signs of our time are bringing our industry to maturity and a good time to wake up and not only start to put things in the right order but start pulling yourself up your own bootstraps. Good cheers...


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