Friday, March 28, 2014

What short range remedies are you using that do not fit to the whole Greenliving?

There are elements of transition that must be considered after the cause or the problem has been identified to motivate someone to make that change. The first must be the driver that would essentially bring you through the entire course; this element is the “reason to change”.
  1. What is the reason of the change and why?
  2. What to change and why?
  3. Agreeing to change and why?
  4. And then finally, making the change.

We have so far covered the first 2 elements already which are by and large cognitive in nature, the next 2 generally is the actual processing which can still be cognitive but then also concrete in a sense where semantic tools must be developed to provide an experience and then the actual implementation that follows. Just as the saying goes “good ideas are on the spot or immediate, but the groundwork for implementation can take longer” since this will have to take determination and consistency
  1. To construct a mental settlement or a wider consensus 
  2. Facilitate culture change 
  3. Start implementing a new way of doing business. 

The level of commitment must somehow be protracted to extend one’s reason to change those remedies that are not consistent to where this entire movement is bringing us. So tool for developing how users perceive what is at hand, like
  1. “Does it give value?
  2. Is there a tangible solution?
  3. Is it reasonably economical?”

These are the questions or initial tools that run through one’s mind as they interact with those problems, and they form the basis of your decision to adopt the change because it aids to outfit you to achieve that work that needs to be done.

So, as to the question, what short range corrective remedies are you using because you do not have the adequate tool to support a work that carries a more lastling result is crucial and therefore - one must somehow strive to answer “Yes” to all of those 3 questions above without compromise.


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