Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What is that leftover resource that you can link to expand your business?

In a world where common sense is considered radical, it is therefore significant to qualify the word “Sustainable” so as to determine what the premise of the word is in relation to what it really is, its use in various applications and how the many are lead to misuse them to its own harm. However, unlike the previous articles where the Blind Spot has to be identified and corrected. Here, it is the idea of the baseline flexibility, here it is to make one see the impenetrable prospect of what is to the fore, the cheapest way and as a rule the most sensible engagement that one can undertake.

Rather than looking from within our own industry and its limited resources, an exposure to the wealth of opportunities that exist is tremendously vast though hard to see since we have from time immemorial been taught to believe that “competition” is the only innate way to exist. This rigid scrutiny found in our textbooks highlighting our biological and ecological system is by the way nothing but only a part of the whole process of growth. This subsequent specialization in science has pervaded our idea of society, our environment and to a large extent our business undertaking which is preoccupied with scarcity, and therefore the need to compete to survive.

In our premise however, scarcity is an indication of a high consumer demand but then there is less supply, in which case, the idea of a shrinking consumer is a false notion to begin with.

What causes business underperformance is not only failure to identify one’s exact role in a niche over a given industry that it is serving, but also identifying the opportunity lost one is encoring by refusing to make alliances to other players who happens to be serving their own peculiar niche in the same industry. In other word, capitalizing on the division of labour in a given space has always been the best formula to maximize higher returns and savings for each one.

In your case, the level of one excellent niche performer divided by the number of other excellent niche performer amount to a higher ratio of execution. Therefore, supply of each growing niche is met due to hastening of production outputs derive from alliances while each niche provider keeps the premium price that it is charging.

Proponent supporters that is contagiously spreading the idea of cooperation and alliances within the industry are Joint Ventures, Partnerships, Tool Further, Sub-Contractor, Franchising; these are some of today’s iconic names that stem from the great many man in business nowadays who has altered the word competitiveness in contrast to expanding its network or its association, to meet the demands of a growing consumer.


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