Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What is keeping you from acting over it?

‘Conduct’ viewed from an objective stance is the demeanour of the person with self-interest, and least we regard this as something odious and causing the majority to isolate business from one’s pious conviction, it is necessary to distinguish self-interest from selfishness since the activity of self-interest itself does not necessarily mean an interest to harm someone. This self-interest however become odious or selfish when one would insist on its self-interest to the harm of someone else.

Therefore, any structure or economic system for that matter is neutral in and of itself though it is clear that some systems lean toward easy abuse of power where man’s unrestrained greed then become apparent. 
Greed despite awareness however when not curved will not endure in the face of any given regulation- but it somehow affects it when its self-interest is upset. Therefore the quantity of rules and regulations is not sufficient because to a large degree this suppose measure to avert becomes possible and promising by using the same rule as the designated reference to circumvent them through dishonest adherence.

Not that regulation have no advantage but it is not embryonic enough and therefore slow , chaotic, and also entails expensive legislation, hence as implied in the previous article “Premise of Green Growth Economics” it is not as effective as when a well-informed consumer ceases to buy a product because it affect its self-interest.

In conjunction to a positive side of a controlled conduct, the self-interest of a businessman succeeds strongly not by unscrupulous practice but by providing consumer’s its self-interest in delivering the agreed goods or even better, and doing it time after time after time. 

Having said that, I want you to take time to assess how you respond to the questions below to determine where your failure lies as far as your self-interest rest and where to improve them? 

“Is your product right?”
·         Intended effect
“Is your processing method sound?”
·         Efficient
·         Non-discriminatory
“Is your site right?”
·         Foul
·         Solid Waste and Effluent Management    

There is another blind spot that must be measured since this interferes ones effort to achieve a level of consistency in realizing a quality life to its consumers, and this lie’s in the area where:
1.       Open innovation is hard to come by
2.       Inconsistencies to Policies and Procedures
As an inference, this perplexing management component when not properly plotted will to some extent keep you from obtaining a consistent level of self-interest of consumers.  Therefore it may need a thorough assessment if not an overhaul.  These inconsistencies lounge around how you delegate your workers capacity and task towards consumers and how they can convey these concerns to top level management without being intimidated or oppress.


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