Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How is it capable of undermining your new awareness?

Our business marketing mindsets really have a grave consequence to this “new green growth awareness” since unlike our traditional approach which directly resides in selling the product or the service that has been created and therefore its focus rest on the features of the product or the service and discarding why it came up with it in the first place, and this the reason why we end up with a marketing mindset or instruct our marketing agents to merely convince the market to buy our product because of its features.

The heart of marketing however arises from its inception which means in what way does our product or service help consumers solve their immediate interest; indicating that during the inception of the product or service one has already a particular consumer need in mind.

Having said that our green growth awareness is not only trying to explore the depths of a consumers need but adding a “beneficial feature” to our product which they might not even be aware of, for our premise is that a sustainable market or for business to continue it must have healthy consumers. What's more, it is for the best interest of the business to keep those consumers long life since it is by and large cheaper to maintain them than it is to find a new one.

 Another root cause that has influenced an erroneous marketing mindset is the nature of our public corporations since they are governed by investors whose interests rest only on short term profit unlike family corporations whose foundation is to outlive the generations after it and therefore long-term. 
Sadly today “corporate responsibility” has again become to be a by-word to convince consumers of their green credentials, spending a lot of money on commercials and costly lobbying to protect its interest instead of building an ecological balance for long-term sustainability of its business. As an outcome, shortcuts have become civil in the interest of short-term savings and short-lived cost-effectiveness that nonetheless carry a relentless expense because of future drawbacks, not to mention the opportunity lost that one could have spawned.   

Pretence of being green also, though it has actually just scratched the surface if we are to see it from the wider perspective is another fatal short-term solution and especially if alternative answers to a problem are already available in the market.

In conclusion, this type of marketing posture and the character of most corporations is something that we find common to the type of responses from people who highlight their proficiencies instead of putting a premium on learning to facilitate durability or longevity. And therefore one’s conduct plays a very strong indicator that can undermine this new awareness   


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